Credit Expert Witness

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Michelle Lambright Black

is a nationally recognized credit expert with nearly 20 years of industry experience. She is also a Certified Credit Expert Witness and credit damage consultant who serves as a legal consultant for credit-related litigation (FCRA cases, FDCPA cases, etc.).

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Available services include:

  • Credit Report Evaluation
  • Credit Damages Report (or Impact Analysis)
  • Expert Reports 
  • Adverse Expert Rebuttal Reports
  • Trial Testimony
  • Deposition Testimony
  • Testimony Evaluation
  • Question Development for Trial and Deposition
  • Discovery Support 
  • Document Preparation and Review
  • Credit Report Analysis
  • Credit Scoring Analysis
  • Reasonable Credit Procedures Assessments
  • Hand Credit Scoring
  • And Other Litigation Support Services

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...each and every time! Her expertise is priceless. If you need expert advice on credit..., you will not find anyone more dedicated or valuable to your efforts than Michelle!"

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